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Bridal Botox: How to Get a Picture-Perfect Wedding Day

March 16, 2023
Bridal Botox: How to Get a Picture-Perfect Wedding Day

Getting married soon and thinking about getting Botox for your wedding? We asked Sisu's expert aesthetic doctors to give us a game plan for the safest, most beneficial way of getting Botox before your wedding day.

Why are so many brides (and now grooms) getting Botox before their weddings?

This is something many of those who have already had a wedding will have experienced, and it's a common, sad story: You put months of planning and considerable amounts of money, stress, and tears into planning the perfect wedding. Your friends and family gather from all over to celebrate your marriage. You're a knockout in your dress. The flowers are stunning. The food is amazing. The cake is breathtaking. The champagne is a huge hit. The music has everyone on their feet. You put everything you had into your wedding and it's everything you dreamed it would be. Then you get the photos back. In the age of Facebook and selfies, there's no wait for visual evidence of how you looked on your wedding day. It's all there online, instantly—and often with a customized wedding hashtag so that everyone can see every picture of you on the happiest day of your life. #NoPressure or anything! 

Many a wife and husband (not to mention bridesmaids and wedding guests) have cringed at the sight of themselves in these photos. Posing for the professional photographer allows you to be somewhat composed and conscious of your 'angles.' The candids all your loved ones will be taking with their mobiles will be unforgiving. This is an experience that can mar wedding memories in an irreversible way. As many brides (and their grooms) realize all too well, Botox and other SISU treatments are a way to ensure a picture-perfect big day.

Will getting Botox before my wedding make my face look 'frozen'?

Whether you are getting Botox for your wedding or just because you want to get rid of existing wrinkles and prevent new ones, skilled application of Botox should never make your face look frozen or paralyzed in any way. If a friend confides that she got Botox and you think her face has a stiff, unflattering look, ask where she had it done—and then run in the opposite direction. 

The perfect Botox treatment is one that nobody notices. You should look rejuvenated and youthful, but nobody should be able to put their finger on what exactly is different. You want people to focus on the best version of you that's in front of them—not your Botox.

How soon before my wedding should I get Botox done?

This is the question we get asked most often. No surprise there! The answer requires more than just a target date. When to get Botox done before the big day? The treatment starts to kick in four to five days post-injection. The maximum effect from Botox injections is evident after 14 days. Your Botox improvements will be visible for approximately three months. 

To be clear as all that crystal you'll be getting in the form of wedding gifts: Do not get Botox two weeks before your wedding. There is no reason to cut it that fine, as any experienced, ethical doctor will tell you:

  • We recommend getting your first Botox treatment about four months out from your wedding day. 
  • Then, make sure you attend your two-week review with the doctor. 
  • This check-up is standard and crucial at Sisu, but not at all clinics. Your doctor who performed the Botox wants to see if any minor adjustments or additional Botox need to be administered at this stage. If so, it will be done free of charge to you. 
  • Then come back for your three-month consultation, again with the same doctor who performed your first treatment. We can’t stress how important consistency is here. 

It really is so much better to stick with the same doctor if you like their work. Doctor-hopping only leads to risking treatment from a physician who doesn't know your face and its nuances - or how it reacts to Botox treatment. At this point, you will be about a month out from your wedding day—the perfect time to get your wedding Botox done. The benefits from this second treatment will not just prevent reversion to previously slack, creased skin. It will also have a cumulative benefit and prevent the formation of future lines. And if there's anything stressful enough to add 10 years to your face, it's planning your wedding!

After this session, at Sisu you would again be checked two weeks after the treatment to make sure your results are as superb as possible. Again, if any minor tweaks or additions are necessary, Sisu will make these free of charge to you. With a medically safe, sound approach like the one at Sisu Clinics, your wedding day Botox will be as flawless as your dress—and look just as amazing in wedding photos!

What happens if I never get Botox done again?

Thanks to the preventative effects of treatment and our careful, considered approach at SISU, if you stop having Botox, you will look the same or better than you would have looked without ever having had Botox.

If you want an expert medical opinion on how Botox can help make your wedding day picture-perfect, book a free consultation with one of our doctors. Our highly-skilled aesthetic physicians will give you a personal assessment, tailoring any treatment to your unique facial anatomy and your desired results, explaining the treatment in full, and answering all of your questions. Click here to book your consultation appointment today.


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